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The next time you are down at Northwood track, run a lap of the track in about 90 seconds, and then think about what it takes to run the equivalent of 125 laps at this pace without stopping, in hot and humid weather and with no shade at all...

City of Stoke AC's ultra marathon specialist Brian Cole returned from a relatively fallow period to comfortably win the Boddington 50km race entirely made up of invited elite competitors. The course comprises of 14 laps of just over 2 miles on the road. The temperature was already warm at the 9.00am start as International runner Colin Deasy quickly established a 2 minute lead over the opening 10 miles. Cole tucked in with two of the other top guys in a following group sparing their effort as the sun really started to beat down.

As the race moved towards the 20 mile mark Deasy was still nearly 3 minutes out in front, but his pace in the heat was really starting to take a toll and he was starting to slow. Feeling comfortable, Cole put in an effort on the 9th lap to close the gap. This effort resulted in the fastest individual lap of the race, and cut more than 90 seconds from the lead.

Closing rapidly over the next lap with only Nathan Montague for company now, Cole put in another effort and it was all over by the marathon distance. However the point of these 50k races is that you still have 5 miles to go when you finish your marathon! Knowing that he has also got a 100k race in Holland to run in two weeks time, Cole eased off the accelerator, and ran home a comfortable winner in the tough conditions, more than 3 minutes ahead of second placed Montague.

Although the finish time was relatively slow, the conditions and the need to conserve effort for another race, required a more tactical approach. Hopefully there is still something left in the tank!

Congratulations are also due to Trentham's Adele Salt who dominated the ladies trial despite a sore heel, and came home more than 10 minutes ahead of her closest competitor.

Both Cole and Salt can now look forward to next year's international events with a high degree of confidence.